Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Haji Lane

Traveling to Singapore was indeed full with so much pleasure. It gave me that tingling sensation. A feeling which I can't explain thoroughly with sentence. In conclusion, it was great.

Singapore has so many artsy place which easily captured my heart when I went there. One of them is Haji Lane neighborhood. Haji Lane filled with so many cute cafes and pretty stores. All in one place for retail therapy.

Haji Lane was a total paradise. Every inch of its corner was so stylish. My eyes were happy. And so did my heart!

There's also a cool mural painting on the corner of the street. Taking a photo with that mural as the background is a must, I think.

It was surprising to found a tiny little place with so much uniqueness like Haji Lane. I definitely will come back again if I go to Singapore on the next holiday!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Movin' On

I am one of those people who love comfort zone. I tend to stay at the same place instead of seeking for another adventure to conquer. I prefer laying down on a cozy couch to roaming in a wild jungle. Call me 'old style lady' but that's me. So, for me, moving on isn't an easy task to do, honestly.

But why suddenly I picked moving on as a title for this post? What kind of moving, actually? Well, the year of 2014 was full of 'moving on' activity for me. I had to move from my old job (a job which full of entertainment) to another job (a serious one). I also had to move from my home (a home I've been living for almost 25 years) to another new home (a strange one). So yes, the highlight of my 2014 was: moving on.

I am excited to see the after-effect I'm gonna get from those activities. I'm deligthfull to wait what will come after it. But in fact, moving on wasn't all about happiness. The process was also painful. I've got to face the bitter reality that moving on also contains a large amount of sadness and sea of tears. And yes, I gotta sum up my 2014 as the year of ups and downs.

Starting from the beginning of the year, I went through many obstacles. The hardest obstacle to face was 'being jobless'. It was extra painful to be in such condition where you're in productive age, but did absolutely nothing. Actually I'm already accepted in one government organization at that time. That's why I decided to resign from my previous job. What made it worse, I supposed to start working in March. Yet in the end, the company told me to start working from May. Therefore my trimester in 2014 was useless without being able to have a 'permanent job'. I started to feel afraid. I was extremely anxious whether I was truly accepted as one of their employee or not. I heard the same lame questions everyday, asking when I'll start to work in my new office, is the announcement reliable, and so on. I was so pathetic at that time.

In September, I experienced another 'moving on'. To be honest, it was more painful than the previous one because it was so sudden. Just like what I said at the beginning of this post: I am one of those people who love comfort zone. If I'm already in love with one thing or one place, I won't jump in another cave until the universe told me to do so. And that's happened few months ago. I had to move from my old home because of one particular reason or we can just say the universe told me to move out from my home. A home which truly feels HOMEY. A home which gave me that familiar feeling. A home which full of warmth. A home which was a perfect shelter through the good and the bad, through thick and thin, through the ease and tough condition. There weren't any thought in my brain that I will move out from that house. I thought I would live forever in that house because I had fallen so deep in love. I was born and grew up there. But then I found out that I was wrong. I couldn't live forever there and I had to move into a new place. A place which completely new that gave me strange chill. A place that made me raise my eyebrow because of the confusion. A place that made me complain all day about how discomfort it was. At that period of time, it was extremely hard to say goodbye because saying goodbye to something that used to be a part of my daily basis was indeed distressful. I was completely melancholic at that time.

Living my life just like usual? It wasn't that simple at that period of time. I tried to endure all the bitterness I've experienced during the process of 'moving on'. No answer except struggling and waiting. There was such phase of extreme downfall, definitely. But I'm glad to know I survived. Thanks to the quote "good things come to those who wait". It was effin true. It felt so real. I finally realized that 'moving on' is about letting go of the past, accepting the circumstances, and adapting to the new environment. Just wait a bit for a good end. Eventhough day by day might be too hard to be passed, don't worry. Because happiness will come anytime soon. At least that's how I feel nowadays.

2014 was another year of getting to know more about maturity. Despite all the crappiness that led me drown into lots of vague thought, I have to say thanks to 2014. Because to be at the place I am living now is beyond amazing. I am happy. Truly happy.

So, welcome 2015. I hope you will be a wonderful and joyous year ahead. Don't be afraid to surprise me (in a good way, of course).


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quick Update

So many stories to update in this blog, so little time. Na ah. I lied. Actually I'm just extremely lazy to start writing again. How about I upload few of my favorite photos from my previous trip to Malang instead? I hope you don't mind. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014


So yesterday, a friend of mine @ranggacepot tagged me to join the latest challenge #20FactsAboutMe on instagram. I thought I wouldnt join this challenge at all. But I was wrong. Well, challenge accepted then!! (You can also check it on my insta account @seswiena)

1. I can't swim. Yet my dream holiday destination is Maldives.

2. I love sweet treats! Candy, cake, ice cream, martabak, donuts, etc.

3. Biting lips in one bad habit of mine.

4. Living and studying in Melbourne is also one of my dream. (Hopefully it will come true. Aamiin.)

5. Can not leave oriental boys alone. I have a huge crush on T.O.P of BIGBANG, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Kim Woo Bin.

6. I used to be a collector of few items. From wooden display to Happy Meal toys. But unfortunately it has stopped. Currently thinking about collecting crystal ball as a new hobby.

7. My all time favorite fragrance: Clinique Happy Woman & Man (don't judge me)

8. I once fallen from ojek when I was in high school. Blame it on my bad intentions. I wanted to smack my friend but failed. Karma did exist.

9. My method of working out: running, bicycling, aerobic.

10. I have small moles behind my left knee. That's why people said I love to walk around.

11. When I chat, I won't left 'HAHAHA' behind. I always type it everytime I reply someone's chat. HAHAHA. So nonchalant.

12. My voice is so unstable. Just like my personality. Sometimes it can be in the lowest tone just like silverboyz (if you know what I mean), sometimes the tone can be too high. Even dolphin couldn't handle it.

13. My own fashion statement: RING! I feel weird if I don't wear ring on my finger.

14. A true Scorpion. Egocentric, sharp-tongued, sometimes antagonist. Hahahaha.

15. Still 24 but already got so much grey hair (genetic factor). Yet I can't wait till the day my hair completely turn into grey so I could have my own pastel hair without bleaching it first. :p

16. It's difficult to act as a normal lady. Therefore I choose to be gidil lady instead. Aha!

17. I love watching the rain pouring down through the window while sitting in the car. Duileeee...

18. I grit my teeth while I sleep.

19. Can't resist anything in pink. But currently being tempted by red.

20. I once appointed as flag hoisting troop (not sure what to call it in english) in school and I failed. I raised the flag upside down and all participants of the ceremony had to turn back until the flag raised correctly. So embarrasing. I won't forget it till the end of time.

Well, those are #20FactsAboutMe. How about you? Do you want to do the same? :)


Monday, July 7, 2014

The One I Look Up To

I was looking at my father this morning and suddenly realized that he's so old now. His face is a little bit pale, and the wrinkles on his face has grown a lot than before. The look of his eyes shows that he's currently thinking about few things. It's so saddening to see him in that condition. However I'm proud of him for being such a dependable father for his family, through the good and tough condition. And also for being such a hard worker man at his retire age. As a daughter, I am really proud of him.

I used to think that he's a cold person with egocentric mindset and honestly, until now, sometimes it feels kinda awkward to be around him because he tends to not to smile and rarely jokes around. But when he starts to talk, he always encourages me to continue study until I get my own PhD title. He gave me tons of advice about life. He said to me, as a woman, I may have to stay at home when I'm marrying someone later. But he said, I can not use marriage as a reason to stop me to join graduate school. He added, I have to always broaden my knowledge, pursuing my career, and have a better life than himself.

Tons of thanks maybe won't enough to repay all the good deeds you've given to me. As a daughter, I'm completely realized that I am far from good. Therefore I would want to say to my dad:
For being such a stubborn daughter, I would like to apologize.
For being such a troublesome daughter, I would like to apologize.
For all those angers, protests, and rebel time, I would like to apologize.
For not replying your question in our conversation, I would like to apologize.
For not obeying your advices, I would like to apologize.

Dear Bapak, I know I may not be able to say this to you face to face. That's why I write this post to say those unsaid words. I don't even know how to react if someday you've read this post and ask me directly. That would be so awkward, I guess. And I hope you wouldn't mind about that.

Dear Bapak, you may not be a perfect human being. You have so many flaws. But in my honest opinion, you deserved to be the one I look up to. 

Dear Bapak, honestly I almost teared up when I write this post and I hate being so sentimental like this. I know you hate it also. For you the one who has been my influence, I would like to say "You've inspired me a lot. Thank you."

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