Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Feelin' Blur?

Last weekend was definitely a reunion weekend. It was so nice to meet people you used to see frequently in the past. Reminisced about the good old memories and of course snapped so many pics just like the pic above. The pic above actually consists by some blur pics from my phone and (surprisingly) Google Plus combined it as one pic, making it a brand new and cool GIF. It really fascinates me how technology has been contributing a great help for my life. I'm deeply amazed.

Anyway, I'm going to upload lotsa pics and write less story in this post. I hope you wouldn't mind and keep enjoying the photos in this little nest for a mess. :)

A short update about my life: nowadays, my day seems blur just like these photos. To be exact, life gives me nothing but anxiety. I'm currently waiting for a precious announcement that keeps delaying again and again. I'm starting to get tired because of it. Please send me a pocketful of goodie good luck, dear fellas :'(

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Farewell For A Better Future

No one like farewell. Neither do I. That's what I thought when the day (Friday, January 24th) has come. Although that day was long awaited, still, I couldn't lie that I got mixed-feeling both in my heart and mind. That day become one of the most memorable day in my life. I felt sad and excited at the same time. Sad because I'm no longer able to work with bunch of weird (in a good way) co-workers who made each day of work felt colorful, full of laugh and random (not to mention crazy) behavior. Excited because there's another puzzle awaits me to be done, another challenge that needs to be accomplished ahead.

Still clear in my mind how I first entered Indika FM as an employee in December 17th, 2012. There's nothing I could do in my first day of work except smiling, shaking hands, asking what to do, and how it goes in the office. I think those are the standard of being a newbie, right? I also still remember my first meeting with the other co-workers there. How long we brainstorm in order to get fresh ideas for client. How often we debate to each other about our ideas. How hard we laugh to lame jokes. I still remember it.

Working in a mass media (radio, in particular) was like riding a rollercoaster. The first few months was a bit hard for me. To adapt and to adjust with how fast the regeneration in office got me a bit taken aback. The tight deadline and the never-ending-revision also got me a bit upset. But thankfully, day by day, I managed to overcome those obstacles and I could blend well because Indika FM was more like a college than an office. Thanks to its employees who keep the youth vibe alive. Thanks to them who able to make my life at work just like at home, my second home. It's extremely funny how we did so much mischievous things but we aren't afraid to look childish. We also did so much rebellious things till my boss called me to his workspace and blamed me a lot for not obeying what he said. We fought that day and we didn't talk to each other for 1 week. Hahaha. I won't forget that day. I've done so much silly things in Indika FM than I could do when was in high school, and still get paid. The perks of working in mass media. :p

1 year 1 month with too much unforgettable memories. Therefore, I would like to say:

- Thank you for the teamwork. I would never find other co-workers as funny, as cool, and as witty as you are (you know who you are)!
- Thank you for the knowledge. My broadcast skill have developed a lot..
- Thank you for the curhat and gossip session in canteen, and every corner in the office.
- Thank you for the naughty-to-horror-jokes. Each and every one of you are so humorous.
- Thank you for those free ticket concerts. I finally got to watch Girls Generation, Super Junior, 2PM, Beast, Infinite, and Sistar perform without even paying any single pennies! So delighted! :D
- Thank you for the rebel time. We might be a bit reckless but that's what make our life colorful, right?
- Thank you for giving me bunch of free goodies: so many cool merchandise!
- Thank you for the never ending snack session in the morning and evening time. I gained 3 kilos bcos of it.
- Thank you for the late nite chit chat at 711 and any other cafes.
- Thanks for the surprise and the farewell gift.

Now, let's pray for our own better future and who knows we might be able to work together again someday? That's why I don't want to say good bye. Instead, I will say, see you later folks!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Black Is The New Black

In the mood for black from head to toe. With a little bit touch of red actually. Well, this style inspired by a female character in Korean drama whom always looks outstanding in a turtle-neck top and middle-length skirt. I added my mom's vintage bag, red belt, and also red clogs to complete it. By the way, I bought the red clogs from Retail Therapy few weeks ago at Brightspot Market. It's so comfy and definitely will buy another pair! :)

Every Second Of It.

It's good to be back. I mean it. Life has been so good to me and I'm blessed for everything that I've got until today. That's how we supposed to live this life, am I right?

Working, playing, and seeking for another gold opportunity. That's how my life goes for these past 6 months. Been enjoying every second of it because I know, if I'm not enjoying it, I'll have wrinkles on my face in no time. Unfortunately, Jakarta's traffic and weather have been extremely random and they (undeniably) hold a significant role for my life too. I can't beat the fact that my energy drained out because of it.

But once again, let's just forget it a while, and take it as a joke. A joke that make us laugh. Make us happy. Shall we?

By the way, these photos above taken by my lil brother when we're in our grandma's house. I insisted him to take these cool-effected-photos over and over again. So, he finally gave up and voila! He's a talented photographer, isn't he?

Well, I guess that's it for this time. Looking forward to write again soon. Take care and have a great week!!

P.S: I'm going to face another gold opportunity tomorrow. So please, wish me luck everybody!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Have Fun Go Wild!

Just a quick update to kill the boredom. What's up, fellas? It's been a while since I appeared here. I hope you are in a great condition and be able to reach your dream in no time. But don't forget to have fun and go wild, I suggest.

P.S: The snake is my office's property, and its name is Selly. It's my first time taking a photo with a snake so pardon my lame expressions. So, let's have fun go wild and have a fab weekend!!! :D

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